Construction Services


Superior has knowledgeable management and quality control teams in place for the benefit of their customers. All projects have a pre-construction review by a construction supervisor, which includes locates, job ride-out, checking prints for accuracy and problem solving. Any discrepancies or changes needed are relayed to the project manager immediately.


Fiber to Anywhere Technology (FTTX) is being used by more and more service providers because of the great voice, video and data bundling capabilities of fiber. STS has become an industry leader in the installation of FTTX.

  • Direct Burial Installation
  • Duct Installation
  • Aerial Installation
  • Fiber Splicing
  • OTDR Testing


Superior has the experience and equipment to handle any type of underground construction project you may have, large or small, rural or metropolitan environment.

We have completed projects from as little as a few hundred feet to projects going hundreds of miles.

Superior Construction has handled many different soil conditions, from underwater on a lake shore to going through solid rock.  We have also completed many joint trench projects with other utilities as well.

Whether you are in need of a single trench, trench-less technology or cable pulling, you can trust your underground construction project to Superior Services.

  • Trenching – Single Trenching, Multi Unit Joint Trenching
  • Plowing – Urban & Rural Plowing, Mainline & Drops
  • Trench-less Technology – Horizontal Directional Drilling, Casing, Dry Boxes
  • Cable Pulling/Blowing – Fiber & Copper, Coax and Power
  • Conduit Placing/Pulling
  • Splicing and Activation
  • Hand hole Installation
  • Power Supply Installation


Superior has the capacity for doing turn-key projects, maintenance, repair, even creating entirely new systems. Our experienced staff and top-notch equipment can handle your projects wherever they are located.

  • Splicing and Activation
  • Pole Transfers
  • Cable De-Lash
  • Cable Re-Lash
  • Strand Placement
  • Cable Placement


Building Penetrations, Floor Cores, Wall Cores, EMT and Rigid Custom Installations, Inner duct Installations, Telecom Rack and Ladder Rack Installations and Cabling. Work Performed in Basements, Risers, Plenum Space and Open Air Spaces.


Superior employs a highly qualified staff that is capable of fulfilling your permitting work application needs.

In addition to providing a permit package, we can also handle the submittable plans to the applicable city, county or state departments for permit approval. We have many years of experience and have developed a good reputation and relationship with many city, county, and state inspectors, which helps facilitate the permitting process.


At Superior we Pride ourselves with an 90% success rate in removal of existing cable in duct whether it’s to make room for new or future facilities.