Superior also known as STS is a leading provider of outsourced services to the Telecommunications, Utilities and Construction industry. We take pride in providing our partners with the highest level of service and quality that consistently exceeds expectations. Superior is a dedicated team of professionals are committed to assisting our customers in meeting their operational and financial goals by providing the most qualified and skilled technicians capable of maintaining the highest possible level of service. The company employs the most dedicated and seasoned managers to carry out our quality assurance.

Superior is well positioned to meet the challenging requirements of today’s evolving networks with a variety of services for telecommunications providers. From signal origination to distribution systems, these comprehensive services include turnkey OSP construction such as trenching, directional drilling, aerial pole line placement, cable placement, plus conduit and manhole installations. We offer fiber splicing and testing services including single fusion and mass fusion splicing, fiber characterization services along with end-to-end network analysis. Our customers represent key industry players from a wide range of Telecommunications providers including incumbent providers and new entrants alike.