Superior Telecom Services is a leading provider of outsourced services to the broadband industry. We take pride in providing our partners with the highest level of service and quality that consistently exceeds expectations. STS is a dedicated team of professionals are committed to assisting our customers in meeting their operational and financial goals by providing the most qualified and skilled technicians capable of maintaining the highest possible level of service. The company employs the most dedicated and seasoned managers to carry out our quality assurance.


Superior Telecom Services withholds a “Safety First” mentality since its employees are the its most valuable asset. The company believes one of the best ways to ensure job safety is through prevention and one-on-one training.

Superior Telecom Services firmly believes that “Knowledge and Experience is the key, Training is the Foundation and Delivery is the end result that we deliver to our customer’s everyday.”


Jack A Correia, Founder and President

Jack studied electronics and received a degree in micro processing and digital electronics. His carreer in the industry began in 1983 as a field technician for TKR cable (Cablevision) as a system technician. his talent and leadership skills we quickly recognized and began his career in management as a supervisor.

Through the years, his experience and knowledge has encompassed the full spectrum of responsibilities within the industry from field construction and installation through every level of management. For the past 10 years, Jack has held corporate positions, Director of Operations, VP of Operations, Executive Vice President and most recent CEO of a 500 million Telecommunications outsourced service provider.

Isabel M Correia, Co-founder

Isabel has been in the industry for over 20 years. Her career in the industry began in 1987 as a Project administrator. She was the assistant to the regional manager overseeing and processing payroll as well as serving the Regional HR Manager for over 100 employees and supcontractors. She remained in her position until 1998.

Her knowledge and dedication did not go unnoticed at the corporate level, in 1998 she was offered and accepted a promotion to the corporate office to take a role as Human Resources Manager where she remained until April of 2008. During the time in the corporate world, she has also served as payroll manager for a company with over 700 employees nationwide.